WMB 71643 PTS

WMB 71643 PTS

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Child Lock

Child Lock

The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from tampering with the buttons. Activating the child lock option prevents any change made to the selected program.

Automatic Water Control System

Automatic Water Control System

The wash load can vary in size and type of fabric. Thanks to the automatic water control system, the amount of water is automatically adjusted to give optimum performance depending on the size and type of fabric being washed.

General Features
Capacity (kg) Bilgi 7 Bilgi
Water Inlet Bilgi Single (cold) Bilgi
Product Color (WM) Bilgi White Bilgi
Remain Time Display (WM) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Electronic Type Bilgi Digital Display Bilgi
Programs And Functions
Number of Programs Bilgi 16 Bilgi
Program-1 Bilgi Cottons Eco Bilgi
Program-2 Bilgi Cottons Bilgi
Program-3 Bilgi Synthetics Bilgi
Program-4 Bilgi Woollens Bilgi
Program-5 Bilgi Hand Wash Bilgi
Program-6 Bilgi Babyprotect Bilgi
Program-7 Bilgi Dark Care Bilgi
Program-8 Bilgi Spin+Drain Bilgi
Program-9 Bilgi Rinse Bilgi
Program-10 Bilgi Shirts Bilgi
Program-11 Bilgi Mix 40 Bilgi
Program-12 Bilgi Aqua 40’40˚ Bilgi
Program-13 Bilgi Gentle Care 20 Bilgi
Program-14 Bilgi Hygiene 20° Bilgi
Program-15 Bilgi Xpress Super Short Bilgi
Program-16 Bilgi Daily Xpress Bilgi
Safety And Performance
Woolmark (WM) Bilgi Woolmark Apperal Care (Silver) Bilgi
Child Lock (WM) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) Bilgi 1600 Bilgi
Over Flow Safety Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Annual Energy Consumption (AE_c) (kWh) Bilgi 173 kWh Bilgi
Annual Water Consumption (AW_c) (l) Bilgi 9240 L Bilgi
Automatic Water Adjustment System Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Remain Time Display (WM) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Unbalanced Load Control Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Noise Levels-Washing/Spinning (dB) Bilgi 51/75 Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked (cm)(z) Bilgi 54.0 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) Bilgi 60.0 cm Bilgi
Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) Bilgi 84.0 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked (kg) Bilgi 74.0 kg Bilgi